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It has been a long time as usual between now and my last post. With so many things happening between then and now, it’s all been kind of a blur. But I do know it has been mostly to do with getting The Very Organized Thief and Redefinition Games into a better place.

So what’s new!

Going Full-time

This year I went full-time on Redefinition Games.

Up until this year studying had always been a pretty big obstacle when it came to developing things for Redefinition Games. It was often the thing that put a lot of time between projects making it very difficult to get them moving or even focus on them at all.

So towards the end of last year I decided to take 2015 off, and give Redefinition Games a fighting chance at becoming something more.

It’s a pretty big risk considering our current development budget a month is less then $50. We’re working pretty hard to change despite the fact that Chrome is phasing out support for Unity Web Player (it’s API), which has made things a little more challenging. But thanks to going full-time I’ve been a lot more focused and productive.

And I need to be. There is a significantly large amount of work to do be done! So I’m pretty much constantly working, hence the no blog post for several months thing. So far development has been good.

Post-it sketch by Elise.

Post-it sketch by Elise.

Playing More Games

But thanks to that massive work load, I’m forced to play games at least once a week. Mostly on Elise’s insistence that I have a break because, according to her, I’m a work-a-holic.

After studying, part-time gigs and working on getting Redefinition Games to where it is, managing stress is a pretty big deal. It is something that can have a very significant effect on your creativity, decision making and development schedule. And it’s not all bad, some of it is necessary. But it’s pretty important to keep it in check from time to time.

And sometimes you really do need someone else to tell you to stop working.

All work and no play results in potential head injury. By Elise.

All work and no play results in potential head injury. By Elise.

Also its given Elise a perfect excuse to record more videos for her YouTube channel (-_-“).

So once a week, usually on a Thursday, we have a little game session to help us unwind and prevent me from doing too much work. It’s a nice change of pace. Putting yourself in a situation where you get to act silly and enjoy yourself with someone else does take the load off.

So much so, we’ve even started working on a “De-stressing” Let’s Play series which we’re planning to upload to YouTube at some point. We’re not really sure when they’ll be ready, considering we only do it once a week (recording and editing). But they’ll come out eventually and who knows, you might get a few laughs out of them when they do.

That’s not really much explanation of EVERYTHING that’s been happening. But it’ll do.

The rest is pretty much all development related which is now going up on Redefinition Games in Developer Diaries since it makes sense to put it there. But if I get time I’ll post a couple things here every now and then.

But who knows when that’ll be though… o_o

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