Time Travelling

I’ve been meaning to post for a while but I’ve been pretty damn busy. So this is probably going to be a short one!

This last month… or has it been two months… or has it only been weeks. Anyway! The amount of things that I’m doing a day has really been putting me to the test. Wearing several different hats at any given moment to handle a whole bunch of things while handling another bunch of things. And despite all the juggling, things are getting done.

And you know what. I like it!

Compared to a few months ago where it was just a cluster truck of crap happening all over the place, with studying being the primary cause! Things are pretty good now! A lot more focused and arms only waving in the air towards something that can only be a good thing. With nothing else pre-occupying us (Elise and I), we can step forward knowing things should be ok.

Hopefully I’ll get more time to write something with more substance, less tired and better grammar. But until then, this will have to do~!

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