Playing Catch Up!

Lately, there has been a lot of playing catch up. Going back to a few things the needed updating, and pushing out a few things Elise and I have wanted to get started for a while now. With half the year already gone, and a lot of work still to be done, it’s pretty much work work work lately!

And it only feels like The Very Organized Thief was released a few months ago!

YouTube Videos

I’m finally uploading some Let’s Play videos! They’ve been a long time coming, but they’re finally coming out. It’s been something Elise and I have wanted to do for a long time. And since a number of people have been Let’s Playing The Very Organized Thief, it’s pushed us over the edge to really want to do some of our own. And now we are! Thanks Youtubers for the inspiration!

Click to Watch

Click to watch on Youtube

The videos are a little awkward, especially since I’m still finding my feet. But I’m glad I’ve finally uploaded some. You can only improve as you do more, right?

Elise has been helping me with all things related to YouTube and making sure the video quality is set correctly. I’ve also been dusting of some old skills to edit the videos. It’s been fun, I’m enjoying it a lot more then I use to. I suppose software has come along long way since the days of Adobe Premiere 5.0. Not CS5, the one before the CS versions existed!

The Very Organized Thief

The Very Organized Thief is making progress. We’ve been fleshing out the Technical Design doc and started re-implementing some the existing features along with the new requirements. Less of a project full of art assets and code, and more like a game again.

The Very Organized Thief - Sneak Peak 2

I wrote a AssetPostprocessor in Unity to handle the bulk of the repetitive tasks and tedious set up which was taking the majority of the time. It was pretty straight forward to do because we did most of the preliminary workings out in the Technical Design doc. Now all we need to do is setup the models correctly in Maya and export into the the correct folder in Unity, and it’ll be ready for use in Unity. So we’re feeling pretty organized despite the delays.

We’re also still working on the kickstarter, since there’s going to be a little bit more time we can really nail down some additional rewards we can offer people and make things nice and shiney. If things go well this month, maybe this month, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

The Maze – Keeper Of Doom

I’ve been tweaking The Maze – Keeper Of Doom. I added some additional algorithms to the maze generation process to generate alternative paths to the exit. It still needs some tweaks to make sure that it’s generating appropriately, but it’s better then having a single path to the exit. It’s a very frustrating experience to go all the way down one path only to realise you are at a dead end that is very far from your goal. So hopefully the new tweaks will minimise that. Or make people run in circles… use the stones people!

Also, getting the standalone version out. The problem has been more to do with UI and setting appropriate display resolutions. Since the game settings are in-game now, adding it into the menu hasn’t been straight forward. We need to make sure the the UI displays appropriately at different resolutions and the resolution it uses when the game first starts up is set appropriately. There’s nothing more annoying then playing a game that is bigger then what you computer can handle or even displays outside of your screen area!

But it’s nearly done, so hopefully I’ll be releasing it with the next update.

School Work

Big assignment coming up… wooh!

And that’s some of what’s been going on lately. Incessantly busy as usual!

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