Really Damn Busy

So things have been pretty full on lately. Number of sleeping hours is down, and the consumption of energy drinks and caffeine is up!

A large part has been to preparing everything for Kickstarter and working out everything for The Very Organized Thief. The other large part has also been getting our new game fully playable and polished. And the other OTHER large part is I’m studying again, meaning my workload has doubled. Throw in a couple small things here and there and yeah… really busy!

There has been a few unhappy things happening in the last 2 months as well. So it’s been a bit difficult to find the energy to keep things moving.


So this semester I’m learning Web Development in .NET.

I’m quite experienced with writing in C#, having written a number of tools and editors we use, as well as using it in Unity. But this class involves a whole bunch of new concepts using ASP.NET and ADO.NET in combinations with HTML5 and CSS3.

Currently trying to figure out a way to leverage all this into what we’re doing at the moment. But I’m still learning about it so that might take a while to figure out.

It should be fun! But the timing is a little bit off. New concepts, big assignments and an exam (a written exam in programming btw : S), all falling during the period we want to do our kickstarter for The Very Organized Thief in. Might be a little tough to manage.

The Very Organized Thief

I’ve been spending the last week, taking all the documentation we’ve written for The Very Organized Thief, and translating it into a Technical Design Document.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much a in depth look at the game design in terms of what needs to be engineered. Kind of like a literal interpretations of everything that needs to be done to make the game with all the features you’ve set out in the game design document.

It’s coming along well. Elise and I have been talking a lot about the individual pieces which make up the game, how they’re going to work, what we should and shouldn’t be doing for art, and just generally nailing down a much as we can to make development have a clear direction.

So far it’s about a quarter to a third of the way there. And we’re pretty excited!

The Kickstarter is pretty much ready to go as well. All we have to do is a video and add a couple images and it’s ready to be announced. But with studies going on I have a feeling we need to put the date back again, which is a little annoying. It might be a better move for us in the end. Kickstarter campaigns need a lot of attention, and the last thing we want to happen is for school work to get in the way of that.

We also have a new game coming out soon, an who know what will happen with that. So it might be wise to hold off until everything else settles down a little.

New Game

Our new game is almost finished. Dropping multiplayer (for now) has helped us focus on what we want the player to experience. We’re going to do a few more play tests and iron out a couple of bugs. But it’s pretty much in playable state.

This game has been pretty challenging to nail down as it involved a few extra things we wanted to test out for The Very Organized Thief. We’ve also had to do a lot of optimization to ensure that it will run on most peoples computers running with at least 25 fps.

We’re also going to put it up in using a “pay what you want” model. Why? Well we’d like to cover some costs of developing the game and adding new features. We’d also like to give a go because it sounds like a fantastic service, and we’re kind of curious at how effective a “pay what you want” model really is.

We’ve read and heard a lot about “pay what you want” models, but I think seeing it in action in relation to what you have created is a little more relevant.

An experiment I guess.


On Saturdays for the last few weeks, I’ve been having team chats with a few people I’ve known since studying Game Development Art at AIE in Melbourne.

We’ve been working out the design for a game they’ve been working on and I’ll be chipping into when I can. It was a little difficult at first, but things seem to be going pretty well. A lot of fun. We usually spend about an hour working out parts of the design and what everyone will be doing for the week. Making some pretty awesome progress.

We also play Killing Floor afterwards. Basically a good end to the week by cutting loose and playing a game for a change.

Internet Things

I’ve been updating our websites and fixing some issues with view-ability on mobile devices. You can now view Redefinition Games without it acting screwing on mobiles (YaY!).

I’ve also been setting up a bunch of social media accounts for TVOThief and Redefinition Games. Mostly to help with separating news for people who just want to know about individual particular things, but also to start preparing for something we have planned to do in the next couple of months. Nothing to do with what’s been going on lately…

I’ve been recording Let’s Plays! Mostly whenever I need to do something different or unload a bit of stress. It’s been fun and a great stress reliever! After watching a whole bunch of people doing Let’s Plays for The Very Organized Thief and watching a few others play other games. I couldn’t help but want to give it a go. I get inspired by people very easily v_v”. So thank you to all you Let’s Players who inspired me!

And that’s pretty much what’s been going on this past few weeks. Busy as busy can be. I have a feeling once our new game is released and the kickstarter campaign begins and ends, things won’t feel so manic… but then again…

I’ll have to wait and see I guess!

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