Procrastination Week

Another web assignment and another week before it’s due. So I’m procrastinating, recently returning to Facebook to find that it is completely different yet again.

My current assignment is to create yet another website using interactive elements to help enhance the user experience through the use of JavaScript. Basically crap that moves and does awesome looking things without pissing off people visiting your website.

I have also been sneaking off from time to time to talk development with Elise and working on things I shouldn’t be focusing on, at least in the light of how much I need to do for this assignment *pulls collar*… like Redef development related things.

Looking at the calender it appears we’re approaching the part of the year where all hell likes to break loose. Inanimate objects begin to float around on their own, people go a little crazy because a full moon is out and time itself seems to jump in such a way that Christmas always feels like its just a month away. So what better time of the year would it be for everything you are working on to start moving from a collage of shapes and colours, to actual forms… right? LoL

Regardless, this week is hopefully the calm before the onslaught of work that needs to be done in the coming months. The number of new experiences that will be bombarding us will be terrifying, exciting and hopefully leads us to doing even more visible things. So expect a bunch of things to be coming out of nowhere in the next few months! Fingers crossed!


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