Completely Flat Out

So I’ve been keeping myself extremely busy lately. After some re-organizing of what needs to get done and shuffling about schedules, things are progressing better then they have been.

I recently been working on my tools framework again. It’s going well. It had been a while since I last worked on it and it needed a bit of love. It also felt like a good time to just step back a little while from the big projects going on and just unwind. I know, a strange way to unwind.

So I revised a large part of project and content management in the framework. It’s now much simpler to set-up projects and manage content in any tool/editor/application it gets used on. It’s a general purpose content framework with a primarily focus on tools development for games.

I rewrote a large chuck of TED, the Tile Editor I made a while ago, to take advantage of this system as a test and it’s working pretty well. Although some bits are now broken, all the resources are shared to be easily accessed and re-used when creating scenes within the scope of a project. I also added a splash screen and some useful diagnostic tools.

TED - The Tile Editor Splash

I’ve also been writing a fair few articles in my spare moment. Mostly when I’ve been out and sitting at our local plaza (mall). Some aren’t that good yet and pretty much all of them need to be reviewed and revised. But I’m slowly working through them hopefully to make them good enough, and useful enough to be released and read. All in good time.

On top of that I’m also finalising my website assignment for submission. It’s coming along pretty well but I have a feeling I’m going to scrap the “store” part of it once it’s all marked and one and make it into something more useful, at least that’s the current plan.

If I find some extra time, I may spruce up this page. Maybe.

So as usual. Keeping myself extremely busy and still hoping to bring something useful to this space soon.

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