A Little Break

So I managed to give myself a break this weekend. A little one. It had been about 14 days since my last so when I started finding loose screws on the floor, its was definitely a sign I was past due for one.

Elise got me onto a great thing this year which was keeping a log of the things you do in a day. Work related things of course, not really mundane related things otherwise that would just be weird. It really helps quantify just how much you are actually doing over a period of time and when any key events occur, like when you last gave yourself a break. It also clearly indicates just how much your performance drops off since then *pulls collar*.

A lot of this month for Elise and I has been focused on ourselves, mainly on health and motivation. No I’m not going to say “go running down your street” and “think rich” because that’s not really helpful. Unless you want to do that by all means run down the street screaming your rich.

We’ve been working behind the scenes on Redefinition Games for a long time now. The belief in what we are doing often dwindles at times, which is normal I guess with lots of creative projects and people (not just artist). So it’s really important to understand, and acknowledge, the effect that working all the time has on you. The key difference being the acknowledgement part. Knowing when you’ve burnt yourself out and not doing something about it is just outright silly.

Sometimes you may be acknowledging the fact you’re burnt out but what your doing is dismissing it, especially if your saying something like this “I’m really tired, but I still need to finish something off first” or “I’ve got to much work to do, and I need to get it done”. The right thing to so would of been to step back, give yourself some time unwind, think about something other then the work you need to do, and come back and tackle it again. I know it’s simple to say, and remembering to do that sometimes just as hard, but god damn it people. REMEMBER! It will improve your performance and ability to solve what ever challenges your working on/with.

So I gave myself a break this weekend, finally. Fourteen days straight of code, art and everything in between really takes a lot out of you. I ended up buying “The Cave”, a Double Fine game, on the PS3 (available on XBox360, PC). If you haven’t played, add it to the top of your things to do list!

The Cave is fantastic. It’s about 7 characters who seek something that they want, going into a cave to find it, reveals their story about how they get it. And all of them, have dark sided little secret. I’m not going to give to much away, so I’ll just leave it at there. A really charming game like most Double Fine games are. The stories are also quite funny. Lots of good one liners that’s for sure.

The Cave really reminds me a lot of point and click adventure games I use to play when I was kid on the good ol’ 486 computer. The only difference is its in platformer form (Super Mario style for you non-aficionados reading). It sounds strange and you wouldn’t think of putting those two types of games together. But it really does play pretty well and much like point and click adventure do, just minus the pointing and the clicking. It’s also simple and challenging enough to make you scratch your head without ridiculously obscure puzzles as a lot of adventure games suffer from. So if you got some time, a little bit of spare change, go give it a play. Your bound to enjoy it, especially over a shot break!

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