As usual I’m pretty busy. That never really seems to change.

But this week has been a fairly exciting week. I’ve been madly organizing and bashing out code for DeathSpuds again! YaY!

If you haven’t heard of DeathSpuds, it about a gun wielding metal biker bad ass potato who goes on a kick ass adventure to save his crew from a rival gang in twisted city. Created by Josh Sacco, who is the artist for the game, and also founder of Dead Leaf Games. Working on it is also Adam Taylor, who is mostly looking after the animations. He’s also a coffee fiend. And then there’s me, I’m handling most of the code and helping keep things as organized as possible.

Josh has been working on this for about a year now, slowly putting it together in his spare time. It was on display last year at Freeplay and if you were lucky enough, you could play the prototype demo that was on display.

The Freeplay demo is where I started to get more involved. Josh needed someone to handle the AI coding for the project because his other programmer would of been to busy to do to much else. Let just say sometimes the internet doesn’t always provide you the best things and this programmer, being sourced from the internet, was definitely not going to deliver. I ended having to pick up what was basically known existent just so we could be sure to hit Freeplay. It was quite a task but at the same time really showed us how well we could work together. We managed to jam out a pretty awesome demo in about 3 weeks. It was great. It had enemies, a boss, shooting, guts, audio, everything you’d want to see in a game.

After Freeplay things sort of winded down and Josh spent a lot of time working out the game and it’s design, discussing ideas through emails. It was basically a tennis match of emails.

It wasn’t until recently that I had time to spare and we finally worked out a contract to get me on board.

So now I’m working on it. w00t.

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