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Full-time Developer

It has been a long time as usual between now and my last post. With so many things happening between then and now, it’s all been kind of a blur. But I do know it has been mostly to do with getting The Very Organized Thief and Redefinition Games into a better place.

So what’s new!

Going Full-time

This year I went full-time on Redefinition Games.

Up until this year studying had always been a pretty big obstacle when it came to developing things for Redefinition Games. It was often the thing that put a lot of time between projects making it very difficult to get them moving or even focus on them at all.

So towards the end of last year I decided to take 2015 off, and give Redefinition Games a fighting chance at becoming something more.

It’s a pretty big risk considering our current development budget a month is less then $50. We’re working pretty hard to change despite the fact that Chrome is phasing out support for Unity Web Player (it’s API), which has made things a little more challenging. But thanks to going full-time I’ve been a lot more focused and productive.

And I need to be. There is a significantly large amount of work to do be done! So I’m pretty much constantly working, hence the no blog post for several months thing. So far development has been good.

Post-it sketch by Elise.

Post-it sketch by Elise.

Playing More Games

But thanks to that massive work load, I’m forced to play games at least once a week. Mostly on Elise’s insistence that I have a break because, according to her, I’m a work-a-holic.

After studying, part-time gigs and working on getting Redefinition Games to where it is, managing stress is a pretty big deal. It is something that can have a very significant effect on your creativity, decision making and development schedule. And it’s not all bad, some of it is necessary. But it’s pretty important to keep it in check from time to time.

And sometimes you really do need someone else to tell you to stop working.

All work and no play results in potential head injury. By Elise.

All work and no play results in potential head injury. By Elise.

Also its given Elise a perfect excuse to record more videos for her YouTube channel (-_-“).

So once a week, usually on a Thursday, we have a little game session to help us unwind and prevent me from doing too much work. It’s a nice change of pace. Putting yourself in a situation where you get to act silly and enjoy yourself with someone else does take the load off.

So much so, we’ve even started working on a “De-stressing” Let’s Play series which we’re planning to upload to YouTube at some point. We’re not really sure when they’ll be ready, considering we only do it once a week (recording and editing). But they’ll come out eventually and who knows, you might get a few laughs out of them when they do.

That’s not really much explanation of EVERYTHING that’s been happening. But it’ll do.

The rest is pretty much all development related which is now going up on Redefinition Games in Developer Diaries since it makes sense to put it there. But if I get time I’ll post a couple things here every now and then.

But who knows when that’ll be though… o_o

Nearing The End

As The Very Organized Thief Kickstarter comes to an end and looks like its going to fail. I feel relieved. Mostly because it’s done.

After many months of trying to find the time to make it happen and missing the mark when we did. It’s finally coming to an end. W00!

The last few months have been pretty stressful. Going from school, to exam, to writing a Kickstarter campaign 4 times, to a live Kickstarter campaign filled with a number of nice surprises throwing us through a loop. We were stressed, and I was particularly salty. You could probably gauge my salty level by how frequently I said the word f**k in a spoken sentence. And it was frequent.

After a bit more discussion with Elise, we’ll probably be cancelling it at some point in the next 24 hours. We’ve talked about it and doing that now would just take the remaining load off and get everyone up to date with what’s going on sooner.

The Kickstarter may be a failure, but we learned a frickin’ lot. And it’s done! Well nearly done. We’ve even decided to stop studying for a while longer to completely focus on developing The Very Organized Thief, so good feelings all round.

I’ve also been doing some programming again. Since I’ve been mostly wearing non-game-developer hats lately and getting outside to organize some things (and to think clearly), there wasn’t really much time to do solid programming. But now I have, and it was awesome ~_~. Hopefully I’ll remember to talk about it in a future Very Organized Thief developer diary, so that is something to look forward to.

But yeah, other then that. Feeling relieved.

That’s it for now I guess!

– Alex

Added 14-11-2014

After a little discussion, we decided to just let it run until the end. There’s something we can learn in the last days of the campaign, and we might as well not disrupt that.

Time Travelling

I’ve been meaning to post for a while but I’ve been pretty damn busy. So this is probably going to be a short one!

This last month… or has it been two months… or has it only been weeks. Anyway! The amount of things that I’m doing a day has really been putting me to the test. Wearing several different hats at any given moment to handle a whole bunch of things while handling another bunch of things. And despite all the juggling, things are getting done.

And you know what. I like it!

Compared to a few months ago where it was just a cluster truck of crap happening all over the place, with studying being the primary cause! Things are pretty good now! A lot more focused and arms only waving in the air towards something that can only be a good thing. With nothing else pre-occupying us (Elise and I), we can step forward knowing things should be ok.

Hopefully I’ll get more time to write something with more substance, less tired and better grammar. But until then, this will have to do~!

Maya – Mesh Append

Today I managed to finish part of my assignment early, giving me enough time to work on the new level that we’re current building for The Very Organized Thief. But once again, Maya got in the way!

One thing that Maya does really badly is instance handling, primarily within the context of level creation. In other situations, it’s instance handling is quite flexible. But when it comes to level creation and optimization, or even just making changes to an instance which you want to propagate to all other instances, you’ll be losing your mind, cursing “WHY!?”, until you finally suck it up and just re-do the work needed. Anyone who has had to apply a new material to an instance should know what I’m talking about.

Today I encountered another problem with instances. And that is to do with combining meshes within or into an instance. The problem being when you use Maya’s Mesh > Combine, it doesn’t take into account instancing as you would expect it to. It’s a big issue when you have a lot of instances of something, and you really don’t want to replace them every single time you make a change.

Uncombine mesh cubes inside a Group.

Uncombine mesh cubes inside a Group.

So to make sure I didn’t have to do that for every single thing I’ll be doing with instances and waste a bunch of time. I did some experimenting. And here’s what I did and discovered in the process. If your not quiet Maya savvy, some of this might go over your head.

First, Mesh > Combine. Using Mesh > Combine will result in all your instances except the one you are working with getting the new combined mesh. So all other instances will appear to have lost the meshes you’ve combined. To fix this, you can re-parent it back into the transform that is left behind after you combine them. But doing this means that it will be in an addition level higher in the hierarchy and it’s History can’t be deleted. Un-parenting the mesh from this hierarchy also causes Maya to do some reconstructing of node history. Very bad, very messy and potentially more destructive when working with big levels, not recommended!

Combine mesh result using Maya's Mesh > Combine. New mesh is re-parented into hierarchy to allow mesh to appear in other instances.

Combine mesh result using Maya’s Mesh > Combine. New mesh is re-parented into hierarchy to allow mesh to appear in other instances.

To avoid all the badness, you can write a MEL script to “manually” connect the meshShapes you want to combine into a polyUnite node, then plug it’s output into polySurfaceShapes inMesh attribute. It’s the same as doing Mesh > Combine, but you can write code to manage all the relationships for instancing, handle where that mesh information should go and make the connections a little more cleanly. Maya’s version, not only doesn’t handle instancing, it adds additional nodes and connections.

I tried do it that way. But I only ended up confusing myself, and made a complete mess. It’s probably possible but it would probably require more time then I could be bothered with committing to it.

I ended up going with writing a Maya Plugin.

In 3D Studio Max the Edit Poly modifier has a tool called “Append Mesh”, which basically lets you click a mesh object in the scene to be added to one your working in. It also takes into account Instances… I think. It’s been about 5-6 years since I last used it so I could be wrong, but I do remember never having to complain about how it handled instancing… REGARDLESS! I wanted to mimic that behaviour.

What I ended up doing was writing a custom MEL command in C++ using the Maya API, that takes your current selection and appends any mesh data to the last selected mesh. Copying the polygons from one mesh into the target. It’s pretty simple and works pretty well. The result is in about an hours work, I have a tool which lets me append meshes into other meshes including instances!

Custom plugin to maintain neatness and instancing.

Custom plugin to maintain neatness and instancing.

It still needs work as you can probably tell in the above image. It currently doesn’t take into account Normals, UVs, or Vertex Coloring. It also doesn’t handle clean up of the meshes being appended, but that can be easily handled by writing MEL Script which uses the new command. But at the moment, it does what it needs to do, which is save me some time. I’ll probably add those things in the future.

The cool thing is that it can even append instances into an instance, from the same instance. I don’t know why you’d ever need to do that, but hey, bonus!

TAKE THAT MAYA!!! *shaking fist*

Playing Catch Up!

Lately, there has been a lot of playing catch up. Going back to a few things the needed updating, and pushing out a few things Elise and I have wanted to get started for a while now. With half the year already gone, and a lot of work still to be done, it’s pretty much work work work lately!

And it only feels like The Very Organized Thief was released a few months ago!

YouTube Videos

I’m finally uploading some Let’s Play videos! They’ve been a long time coming, but they’re finally coming out. It’s been something Elise and I have wanted to do for a long time. And since a number of people have been Let’s Playing The Very Organized Thief, it’s pushed us over the edge to really want to do some of our own. And now we are! Thanks Youtubers for the inspiration!

Click to Watch

Click to watch on Youtube

The videos are a little awkward, especially since I’m still finding my feet. But I’m glad I’ve finally uploaded some. You can only improve as you do more, right?

Elise has been helping me with all things related to YouTube and making sure the video quality is set correctly. I’ve also been dusting of some old skills to edit the videos. It’s been fun, I’m enjoying it a lot more then I use to. I suppose software has come along long way since the days of Adobe Premiere 5.0. Not CS5, the one before the CS versions existed!

The Very Organized Thief

The Very Organized Thief is making progress. We’ve been fleshing out the Technical Design doc and started re-implementing some the existing features along with the new requirements. Less of a project full of art assets and code, and more like a game again.

The Very Organized Thief - Sneak Peak 2

I wrote a AssetPostprocessor in Unity to handle the bulk of the repetitive tasks and tedious set up which was taking the majority of the time. It was pretty straight forward to do because we did most of the preliminary workings out in the Technical Design doc. Now all we need to do is setup the models correctly in Maya and export into the the correct folder in Unity, and it’ll be ready for use in Unity. So we’re feeling pretty organized despite the delays.

We’re also still working on the kickstarter, since there’s going to be a little bit more time we can really nail down some additional rewards we can offer people and make things nice and shiney. If things go well this month, maybe this month, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

The Maze – Keeper Of Doom

I’ve been tweaking The Maze – Keeper Of Doom. I added some additional algorithms to the maze generation process to generate alternative paths to the exit. It still needs some tweaks to make sure that it’s generating appropriately, but it’s better then having a single path to the exit. It’s a very frustrating experience to go all the way down one path only to realise you are at a dead end that is very far from your goal. So hopefully the new tweaks will minimise that. Or make people run in circles… use the stones people!

Also, getting the standalone version out. The problem has been more to do with UI and setting appropriate display resolutions. Since the game settings are in-game now, adding it into the menu hasn’t been straight forward. We need to make sure the the UI displays appropriately at different resolutions and the resolution it uses when the game first starts up is set appropriately. There’s nothing more annoying then playing a game that is bigger then what you computer can handle or even displays outside of your screen area!

But it’s nearly done, so hopefully I’ll be releasing it with the next update.

School Work

Big assignment coming up… wooh!

And that’s some of what’s been going on lately. Incessantly busy as usual!

Really Damn Busy

So things have been pretty full on lately. Number of sleeping hours is down, and the consumption of energy drinks and caffeine is up!

A large part has been to preparing everything for Kickstarter and working out everything for The Very Organized Thief. The other large part has also been getting our new game fully playable and polished. And the other OTHER large part is I’m studying again, meaning my workload has doubled. Throw in a couple small things here and there and yeah… really busy!

There has been a few unhappy things happening in the last 2 months as well. So it’s been a bit difficult to find the energy to keep things moving.


So this semester I’m learning Web Development in .NET.

I’m quite experienced with writing in C#, having written a number of tools and editors we use, as well as using it in Unity. But this class involves a whole bunch of new concepts using ASP.NET and ADO.NET in combinations with HTML5 and CSS3.

Currently trying to figure out a way to leverage all this into what we’re doing at the moment. But I’m still learning about it so that might take a while to figure out.

It should be fun! But the timing is a little bit off. New concepts, big assignments and an exam (a written exam in programming btw : S), all falling during the period we want to do our kickstarter for The Very Organized Thief in. Might be a little tough to manage.

The Very Organized Thief

I’ve been spending the last week, taking all the documentation we’ve written for The Very Organized Thief, and translating it into a Technical Design Document.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much a in depth look at the game design in terms of what needs to be engineered. Kind of like a literal interpretations of everything that needs to be done to make the game with all the features you’ve set out in the game design document.

It’s coming along well. Elise and I have been talking a lot about the individual pieces which make up the game, how they’re going to work, what we should and shouldn’t be doing for art, and just generally nailing down a much as we can to make development have a clear direction.

So far it’s about a quarter to a third of the way there. And we’re pretty excited!

The Kickstarter is pretty much ready to go as well. All we have to do is a video and add a couple images and it’s ready to be announced. But with studies going on I have a feeling we need to put the date back again, which is a little annoying. It might be a better move for us in the end. Kickstarter campaigns need a lot of attention, and the last thing we want to happen is for school work to get in the way of that.

We also have a new game coming out soon, an who know what will happen with that. So it might be wise to hold off until everything else settles down a little.

New Game

Our new game is almost finished. Dropping multiplayer (for now) has helped us focus on what we want the player to experience. We’re going to do a few more play tests and iron out a couple of bugs. But it’s pretty much in playable state.

This game has been pretty challenging to nail down as it involved a few extra things we wanted to test out for The Very Organized Thief. We’ve also had to do a lot of optimization to ensure that it will run on most peoples computers running with at least 25 fps.

We’re also going to put it up in itch.io using a “pay what you want” model. Why? Well we’d like to cover some costs of developing the game and adding new features. We’d also like to give itch.io a go because it sounds like a fantastic service, and we’re kind of curious at how effective a “pay what you want” model really is.

We’ve read and heard a lot about “pay what you want” models, but I think seeing it in action in relation to what you have created is a little more relevant.

An experiment I guess.


On Saturdays for the last few weeks, I’ve been having team chats with a few people I’ve known since studying Game Development Art at AIE in Melbourne.

We’ve been working out the design for a game they’ve been working on and I’ll be chipping into when I can. It was a little difficult at first, but things seem to be going pretty well. A lot of fun. We usually spend about an hour working out parts of the design and what everyone will be doing for the week. Making some pretty awesome progress.

We also play Killing Floor afterwards. Basically a good end to the week by cutting loose and playing a game for a change.

Internet Things

I’ve been updating our websites and fixing some issues with view-ability on mobile devices. You can now view Redefinition Games without it acting screwing on mobiles (YaY!).

I’ve also been setting up a bunch of social media accounts for TVOThief and Redefinition Games. Mostly to help with separating news for people who just want to know about individual particular things, but also to start preparing for something we have planned to do in the next couple of months. Nothing to do with what’s been going on lately…

I’ve been recording Let’s Plays! Mostly whenever I need to do something different or unload a bit of stress. It’s been fun and a great stress reliever! After watching a whole bunch of people doing Let’s Plays for The Very Organized Thief and watching a few others play other games. I couldn’t help but want to give it a go. I get inspired by people very easily v_v”. So thank you to all you Let’s Players who inspired me!

And that’s pretty much what’s been going on this past few weeks. Busy as busy can be. I have a feeling once our new game is released and the kickstarter campaign begins and ends, things won’t feel so manic… but then again…

I’ll have to wait and see I guess!

Darn Busy!

It’s been a while as usual. And we’ve been pretty darn busy working on a number of things.

The Very Organized Thief has kind of thrown us for a loop, forcing us to think a lot more about what our intentions are and what needs to be done before we go to much further. We really weren’t prepared for the kind of response that we got, but we’re also kind of glad that the response we have received has been so positive. It has really helped us focus on our goals and push ourselves even further towards where we want to go.

It’s also been a bit hot lately. Not extremely hot, but hot enough to make working in “the office” a humid sauna.

Getting Very Organized

As life gets increasingly busy (despite the fact that I have no classes currently), more things need doing. That, and dual planning to help promote Redef Games related things and myself, since I’ll be needing to look for a job once I’ve completed my studies (which is soon!).

Elise and I have been spending a fair amount of time outside talking about what we’re going to do for The Very Organized Thief, our current game, and her next videos for her YouTube channel, and possibly my own.

We’ve been talking about the possibility of doing Let’s Plays, which has been something we’ve been talking about for a while. It’s kind of a perfect excuse for us to play more games, and do something together. We rarely have time to play games as life in general and Redef takes huge chunks out of it, so playing them with a purpose is a good enough excuse for us to them. (LoL)

We’ve also been dusting off a lot of old notes to help us work some things out. We have a few plans, well more like possibilities, of what we can do and how we can do it. But much of it depends on the completion of our current game and getting a few other things off the ground.

In other words, busy! But some good things are incoming!

The Projects Section

This has been meaning to go up for a year… *shakes head* pretty bad. But it’s finally up. You kind of forget how much you’ve done until you structure it visually.

Many of the projects I’ve been working on is Redefinition Games related, primarily to fill in a bit of knowledge about something I didn’t know about. The frameworks and engines were especially invaluable tools for learning these things. I also wrote a number of tools that we’ve been using to help with streamlining our workflow at Redef, some of which I’m hoping to spend a bit more time on to eventually zip up and provide them to download.

I’ll most likely move the games list onto it’s own page. There have been a few little wire prototype games and tests scenes we’ve made that I’d like to put up. I also want to make it easier for people to just look at games.

I will also be adding a “Demos” section to show off some off the tech we’ve been working on, which is something I’m also working on lately as well.

A Little Break

When you’ve been working on something for a long time and things start to get extremely grind-y, it’s time to step back and little and take a breather. I think it’s important for any person who is creating and/or focusing on something for a long time to take a break away every now and then, do something else for a while and then come back to it. It just helps clear your head, get anything that’s been lingering in there for a while out, and makes you feel a little better that you’ve completed something. But the key to it being useful is that it has to be something small, and completable.

Web Dev Weekend

So last weekend I ended up updating this blog with a new look. It’s been one of those things I’d been meaning do for sometime but have just never really had the time to do it, mostly due to focusing to much on Redefinition Games developments.

My objective with this design was to keep it simple and clean. I didn’t want crazy sliding panels and Javascript effects. I just wanted to make something that was easy to read, relatively well presented and easy to maintain considering the frequency I’d be coming back to update it. It’s never fun to come back to a huge mess wondering what the hell you were even trying to do x_x.

I also didn’t want to use too many colours or image elements in the design. I really wanted to do something that was mostly solid black and white to try and emphasis any images that may appear on the site. I rarely upload images, so making them stand out is pretty important (“oh Colour!”). Because lets face it, I type WAY to much and pictures can be refreshing to look at.

I’m definitely going to be tweaking the design over the coming months, but I’m a little happier now that it’s done. Secondary to that, I now feel like I can come back to programming in Unity without it feeling head->desk enjoyable.


So that’s what has been going on! Until next update.

– Alex

Smouldering In The Heat

Once again it’s been a while since my last post.

My current classes have been shuffled about which has left me on an extended break! Woo! So I’ll be spending much more time focusing on developing our next game.

It’s also been Hot, Cold, BLAZING Hot, Freezing Hot and Blazing Cold. With meanderings of smokey air from a number of fires that have been burning lately. It’s not entirely known whether they are accidental or intentional, but its making the air a little soupy and dry.

The weather in general has really been making it difficult for us to stay on schedule without making our brains melt. Our rooms literally become a sauna, with our computers being the hot rocks in the middle. Not very pleasant, but great for shedding a few kilos at least. So we’re a little behind schedule, yet we’re still making progress.

So what else has been happening?

Disabling Story Games

This year, Elise and I have sworn off doing any story related or driven games, at least until we’ve made a few other ones that aren’t story centric.

This comes after realising that the types of story driven games we want to develop in 3D are a little outside of our technical capabilities right now, touching on multiple levels of tech which greatly exceed our current level.

So you can expect more arcade-y style of games from us which we hope will help us to work out a number of limitations we currently face for creating some of our complex story games.

Next Game Developments

Our next game is coming along quite well. We’ve been working on it as much as we can in spite of the heat to get it together. There’s been a lot of sweating, a lot of learning and a lot of revision of our tech in order to meet the new requirements we’ve laid out.

Part of that has been working on setting up networked multiplayer, which has been quite challenging. Couple that with procedurally generated levels, it has been even more challenging. But we’re slowly getting there.

A number of people have also asked for The Very Organized Thief to have multiplayer, which originally we wanted to do but we felt we would only mess up the current experience. So instead, we decided to work on a game that would use multiplayer in a more fun and co-operative way. This should allow us to focus on that experience without overriding an existing one resulting, hopefully resulting in a better game.

We’ve also never experimented with using networked multiplayer before so its very fresh territory for us. Primarily we want to get our hands dirty with making a networked multiplayer game to see how it can be used to contribute to some of our future titles.

But for now we’re a little while off of release for our next one. But we are aiming within the next month or so for something to reach the public. Even if it means leaving out multiplayer just so people can start to play it sooner.

Time, and hopefully good weather, will tell!

The Very Organized Thief

We will be continuing to make small updates to The Very Organized Thief.

You’ll be happy to know, we’ve also been working on what we can do to turn it from a small web game into a full featured title.

But more on that in future posts ; )

Updating This Website

I’ve been trying to find some extra time to fix this website and start making some space for more things, like free tools and tutorials. But I just haven’t had the time to do it unfortunately. There be bigger game developing fish to fry.


And that’s what been happening as of late.

If things go well in the next few weeks I’ll be making a new post with hopefully some sneak peaks of our new game *fingers crossed*. But until then, I hope to all those who are reading, you are well, and staying cool. Or if you a freezing your ass off in the Northern Hemisphere, you are staying warm and cozy!


Heat Tsunami!!!

As heatwave rips through Australia for the next few days there isn’t really much I can do but blog on a laptop.

It feels more like a Heat Tsunami. But Elise says that’s just confusing. Also, just googled it, and it is a term!

I’ve been keeping pretty busy lately despite all the fun awesome things to be had over the holidays. I’ve also been a little sick with a really annoying cold, and only just getting over it. So progress on our new game has been a little slow, but still very fruitful.

I think I’ll keep to the subtitling format because it just makes things so much easier to explain without creating mega-lo-blogs (like a Megalodon, just in blog form).

So here’s what’s been happening!

New Years Resolution!

As part of my new years resolution this year, I’m going to spend a bit more time drawing, and art in general.

Since I’ve had my head buried in books for the last few years and learning everything I can about every necessary to make a living as Indie Game Developer, I’ve kind of neglected the skills that really kind of started it all.

So expect some drawings to come!

Our Next Game

Our next game is moving along well, but slowly. With all the madness and fun-times recently, there have also been a number of technical advancements we’ve had to research and integrate. Plus the Heat Tsunamis don’t help.

It has been quite challenging, with a lot of new things to learn and existing systems being revised. We probably could of made more progress going a little simpler.

But in order for us to get to the games we really really want to get, we have to throw ourselves in a little deeper on this one. This one has been quite the hurdle but it’s only the initial hurdle to doing bigger and better things!

Elise has been working when she can to create some new props to be used in the level. She’s had a pretty busy schedule lately which has been difficult to make leaps in progress with the art. With the crazy weather we’ve been having it is also making it even more difficult.

I’ve been modelling, rigging and making some new animations for some of the new characters. They’re in the same style as The Very Organized Thief owner, except we’ve been trying to make them a little less scary looking.

We’ve also been using articy:draft (from Steam) to plot out the flow of our game. It’s probably one of the most useful things you can get for yourself as a game designer, especially for working out flows. Whether it be dialogue, game events, or even story. It just makes it so much easier. Writing things like that into a monolith document, really doesn’t help with clarity sometimes. We highly recommend it.

Working with Red

The Red Framework has a significant overhaul during the start of the project. Mostly to help standardise the workflow and iron out some issues.

I’ve been refining Red AI (our AI system) to be a little more easy to use. Also fixing some limitations which we encountered in The Very Organized Thief. Still some work to be done but it has had some major improvements.

I also recently bought Reactor AI from the Unity Store, which is a system for AI Behaviour Trees. I’ve been using it as an extension to RedAI. I had already partially built an Behaviour Tree system for Red AI but it had no tools to make it easier to work with. Reactor does! Making my life a little bit easier and giving me a great opportunity to work more with Behaviour Trees!

With those changes Red AI is now a hybrid AI system which uses a combination of two different types of AI systems, which is State Driven, and Behaviour Tree Driven. Allowing us to define States which can either be coded specifically for more control or use behaviours trees. For what we have planned in future games, it’s the most robust solution which will allows to build complex AI much more rapidly.

Red also has a Dialogue system, which was originally called DKit. But more about that system another blog post : P

The Very Organized Thief

I have been working on The Very Organised Thief a little here and there. Nothing major that a new version needs to be built and uploaded. But Elise and I have been talking about what we want to add to it.

With Australia Day coming up, and having the ability to have Seasonal related content. We thought it might be fun to have an Australia Day update. We’ll also been talking about doing Valentines Day update as well!

If things go well this week we should be releasing an Australia Day version!

Crowdfunding Planning

Elise and I have been spending a lot of time discussion how we’re going to do it. And we’re still kind of holding off on jumping on it too soon.

We do know that if we do, our primary goal will be to get Elise a Maya LT license. Many alternative solutions we’ve looked at have only proved to be more frustrating, buggy and requiring us to do more work when bringing them in Maya (the one on my computer). Many of which I’ve written MEL Scripts to counter, but still leaves some additional rework.

If she gets a Maya LT license, it’ll be a much more familiar environment for both of us and things will hopefully require less rework. And less spontaneous bug crashes and poorly translated interfaces…

We’ll see what happens in the next few days and or weeks, but we plan to do it soon!

Playing Games

I’ve been making an effort this year to play more games.

I’ve recently been playing Castlestorm and Okami-den on the DS. I’m also still playing Final Fantasy VII… so good!

Castlestorm was an unexpected surprise. A little juggle-y at times considering all the things you can do. But it’s satisfying to play, really fun, and looks fantastic. The game is casual and feels like it would be easier to play on some kind of touch interface, but despite that it’s still very fun. Give it a go if you get the chance.

Okami-den. If you’re a fan of the original Okami game, you’ll love this one. I’m a little ashamed that I only just started playing it recently, since I it was originally given to me for Christmas … in 2012 … it’s been a busy year v_v”. Despite it feeling like it’s missing a little detail, it holds true to the art style and gameplay. If you have a DS or you have it, and haven’t played it. Play it! Takes a little to get into but it’ll eventually suck you in completely!


And that’s what I’ve been up to lately. That and melting into things.